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Fulfillment and Distribution

From receiving and packing individual FBM orders, to prepping and shipping FBA orders to Amazon’s fulfillment centre, we ensure that your packages arrive on-time using cost-effective solutions.

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We can receive and send any size of inventory, and we do NOT charge any long storage fees.

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At this critical step, both visual and technical inspections can be performed to ensure the final customer receives the product as it should be.

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Shipping Solutions

We ensure that your shipments arrive on-time using the shipping method that best suits your specific business needs.

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Business development in Far East

 Visiting China in person or looking for a more efficient way to purchase your goods from abroad without taking a flight? We facilitate both in-person trips and provide virtual supplier introduction and management to ensure our customers receive the best solutions for their needs. 

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Fabrication, Assembly, QC

Consider us to be your final assembly line, with your raw materials arriving from any global location and delivered to your marketplace or final customers.

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    *You will be emailed within 24 hours with a quote from Prep Ship Global. Quote is an estimate based on the information provided and is subject to change. Prep & Ship Global assumes no responsibility for shipping timelines or services, as they are provided solely by USPS or other carriers. Container loads will be charged an unload fee. For more information please contact [email protected].


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    We are proud to be a one-stop-shop fulfillment center that offers comprehensive and strategic solutions for your business needs, from receiving, storing, packaging, and shipping. We offer both FBA and FBM preparation, retail arbitrage products, Amazon returns, and individual order merchant order fulfillment. For more details on our services, check out our Services page

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