“Prep and Ship Global is a company which provides a first class service. The level of communication is excellent, keeping us updated from start to end. It has been such a pleasure to work with Prep and Ship Global as staff were friendly, professional and helpful. They answered all my questions, and guided me through the process in the most efficient and easiest way.”

- Q&Q US

“The team at Prep Ship are always ready to fulfill any order or request within the same day! The speed and accuracy of actions as well as the warm personal relationship makes me feel comfortable storing my goods with this service knowing my inventory is handled in the most professional way”

- Oded , 7-Figure Amazon Seller

“We cannot begin to express how vital the service we receive from Prep Ship Global and their team to our business success. We started working with them about 2 years ago, as an external fulfillment service, and since then they have proved time and time again to be a valuable partner. They give us an A-Z solution to all our fulfillment needs in the most professional way possible. Their service is super-efficient and super-quick. If you are looking for a care-free fulfillment service so you can focus your time in growing your business – we highly (highly) recommend them.”

- Guy , eCommerce Seller

“The team at Prep Ship Global are truly outstanding! Prep Ship Global team is excellent in making the process very easy to understand and we thoroughly recommend their services. I would highly recommend Prep Ship Global to anyone who is looking for a professional company that looks after customers throughout.”

- Eliran Harary, eCommerce Seller

“I’ve been working with Prep Ship Global team for almost four years, using their fulfillment, prep and bundling services with my Amazon account. On the eCommerce world, that changes so fast It is rare to find such a stable service and company that gives you confidence. That is the main reason that they are always in my number one recommendation for my students, and many of them are working with them regularly and are very satisfied.”

- Eli Ventura, eCommerce Seller and Trainer

“Prep Ship Global are very professional, honest and responsive to their emails. I would definitely recommend working with them. What I love about the way they work is not only their attention to detail but the support I get as a customer when questions come up as we all know how confusing this business can be. They truly offer an end-to-end hands-off service. I would definitely recommend working with them.”

- Sam, eCommerce Seller
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