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We are proud to be a one-stop-shop company that offers comprehensive and strategic solutions for your business needs, from China production representation, shiping, receiving, storing, packaging, and distribution. We offer both FBA and FBM preparation, retail arbitrage products, Amazon returns, and individual order merchant order fulfillment. For more details on our services, check out our Services page.

We occasionally get this question from clients residing outside the US. If you are shipping through one of the larger carriers such as UPS, FedEx or DHL, normally they’ll handle all of the customs matters for you. In some situations however you may be asked to identify an Importer of Record for your shipment and for tax information such as an EIN or Tax ID number.

We cannot act as the Importer of Record for your shipments, nor can we supply you with our tax information. If you are not a US citizen, you may have to register as a Foreign Importer.

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