About us

Your full service eCommerce fulfillment center.
Prep Ship Global offers comprehensive and strategic solutions for your business needs, including receiving, storing, packaging and shipping. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch customer service, and providing valuable insights for our customers on how to successfully optimize and manage their operations.

Our Customer Service Mandate

At Prep Ship Global, we understand that our customers are looking for strategic solutions to maximize their sales and profits. We work together with our customers to ensure that their business is met with personal, customized support that leaves no stone unturned.

Our fulfillment experts know how to not only deliver solutions for the needs of our customers, but also provide meaningful advice that can help to improve your business operations. From inventory planning, to labeling, to strategies that help our customers pay less for their shipments, we take active roles in helping our customers get the best results for their eCommerce businesses.

With over decades of experience, our team is committed to problem solving and being flexible in various types of situations that can occur.
We understand the intricacies that go into preparing Individual orders (FBM) and FBA inventory and are proud to service our customers with successful fulfillment logistics time and time again.

Low Costs

As part of our commitment to customer service, Prep Ship Global does NOT charge ANY long storage fees. We work together with our customers to provide cost savings at any possible point throughout their operations with us. Our customers appreciate that they can spend their valuable time growing their businesses with purchasing and expansion, and leave the minutiae of fulfillment to us. Our cost-effective solutions frequently undercut our competitors and we are proud to deliver superior quality at every step of the way.

At Prep Ship Global we consider the privacy of our customers to be paramount. Our privacy mandate ensures that the activities of each of our customers are not disclosed and are protected with full compliance. Our established systems are in place to ensure that privacy is respected in all cases.


From small orders to large, Prep Ship Global is scalable to all of the business needs of our customers. We offer premier WMS and ERP systems, and can also leverage our customers’ WMS and ERP systems to deliver convenient and accurate progress. Our cross-docking capabilities and flexible space allowances can be tailored to any order size. Our online inventory monitoring allows our customers to receive clear and accurate inventory updates that allow them to make quick and cost-effective businesses decisions.

Our Founders

In an industry traditionally operated by men, we are proud to share that Prep Ship Global was founded by two female entrepreneurs, Liraz Markovits and Shira Bier. Through hard work and dedication, and with over 10 years of combined experience in eCommerce fulfillment, we could not be more proud of our history as a female-led company.

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